Core Values

  • Honesty; to have long-term, permanent and good relations with our employees, investors, suppliers
  • Customer-oriented; Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by preserving our current jobs and creating new job opportunities
  • Contribution to Society; Carrying a social responsibility identity by contributing to social, cultural and all kinds of educational activities, being respectful to the environment and being an example
  • Willingness; Understanding and assimilating the vision, mission, corporate identity and values ​​of our region and keeping up with all kinds of changes in the best way
  • Our quality policy; To maintain our production leadership by working with a customer focus, to provide quality and timely products and services with teamwork and preventive approach. To work with occupational health, safety and social responsibility awareness.

Our Vision

To make significant contributions to the development of the country and increase the welfare level of the society with its production quality and export, which has completed its infrastructure, to continue its development by keeping the participant satisfaction at the highest level by continuing the products and services it offers without sacrificing quality and corporate value. .

Our Mission

To create a suitable industrial infrastructure for investors, to provide quality, reliable and fast service, to ensure that small and medium-sized industrial facilities are gathered in a certain region within a plan, to provide high quality, reliable and fast service, respectful to the society, environment, effective efficiency and responsibility To increase the business volume and employment in our region by working with awareness, to minimize the ongoing unemployment in our district and to contribute to the country's economy.

Settlement Plan


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